Young, Restless, and //Reforming//: Reflecting New Calvinistic Culture

Good coffee, good music (movie soundtracks, heavy metal/rock classics, classical music), occasional gaming, movie nights, geeky discussions, and being a theological nerd. This summarizes much of the kind of person I am, Jesus, being the center of it all. No kidding, right? Today on Facebook; I almost got kicked out of a Reformed Baptist discussion group for propagating continuationism. I was told that continuing in promoting this will result in me being kicked. Now, honestly, I am a strong non-cessationist,  and I do not at all feel ashamed of it. I am not at at startled by this reaction, various other people have felt the blow of staunch cessationism, remember Strange Fire? Yeah.

The “Young, Restless, and Reformed” community which ranges across denominational borders, seems to be growing and quite fast. I am obviously a member of this movement, I belong to a non-denominational church, which would be too charismatic for some. I am also a confident supporter of “charismatic Calvinism.” Oh wait, there it goes, the Reformed guys are losing their minds. Lawson and MacArthur are raving, right? Honestly, I am not too bothered. The purpose of this post is to at least encourage the charismatic/continuationist variety of Calvinists.

1. Charismatic And Here To Stay 

There is a rise of many “New-Calvinist” teachers like Matt Chandler, John Piper. Sam Storms, Don Carson, etc. Now without stating the obvious, these men are not confessional, and honestly would not be called ‘reformed’ by the confessional Reformed guys. Just a newsflash though, John MacArthur would not make the cut either, because of his dispensationalism.  However, the principles of the Reformations are pretty much in line with these gentlemen. The last time I checked, the most vocal critics of NT Wright in his denial of the doctrine of imputation, were John Piper and Don Carson. Something makes me quite confident that these guys are still defending the Reformed doctrines, almost more vocally than those who blow the Reformed trumpet.

Regardless of the staunch cessationism of our day, with scholars and preachers taking these theological positions, the Reformed continuationist group is here to stay. We are going to be here for a while, we are not the result of a random wave and revival.

2. Not Just A Trend

As to where the “Young, Restless, and Reformed” group are definitely not all continuationists. It needs to be pointed out that many confessional Reformed guys like Joe Thorn are out there. Hipster as anything else. Honestly these are have their places, and they are necessary bringing to church back to its orthodox purity.

I can honestly say the young resurgence of Calvinism is a healthy reforming in the right direction. Who will influence the Christian youth? We need this. Now obviously, there is a lot in the YLR movement that isn’t all too good, like intellectual pride and “trendy Christianity.” However, there is something these guys carry and the church needs it.

3. You Can Keep the “Reformed” Title

Back to the issue of confessional Reformed theology, I am not too bothered with not being called “Reformed.” I will just refer to myself as a biblical monergist, believing in a biblical covenant theology. My loose subscription to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, is one which is under scrunity by the Scriptures. Our confessions are always inferior to the Word.

If being “Reformed” means that I hold the confessions as a final standard, you can keep the title. We do not need it. Confessions are helpful, but they cannot challenge the position that Scripture must take.

4. Keep Reforming!

With that said, many of us who are Reformed continuationists, or Calvinist charismatics or non-cessationist Reformed dudes, we are not merely “Reformed.” We are reforming, as the Scriptures are our final standard.

I am Young, Restless and I am Reforming. I am Reforming to pure liturgical and doctrinal purity. This is the heart of real Reformation theology, according to Sola Scriptura. For those part of the charismatic brand of hipster Calvinism, let us continue going on. We have a lot of issues to consider as we grow unto maturity. The field is open for our growth and habitation.


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